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SKUNK Vol 7, Issue 2

SKUNK Vol 7, Issue 2

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SKUNK Volume 7, Issue 2

164 Pages Special Edition


50th ISSUE extravaganja


Dedicated to the Outlaws and Activists of the Cannabis World!
















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What does every single one of SKUNKs 50 issues have in common? Okay smartass, aside from the odd spelling mistake, the correct answer is tons of beautiful pictures featuring the majestic cannabis plant. Unlike some others, I dont believe that the plant is sacred in itself, but I do strongly believe that your right to choose whatever you put in your body most definitely is. The people deserving praise for making this choice possible are the activists who fight for our rights at great risk to themselves. They are the sacred ones.

Outlaws also risk freedom for supplying what is, essentially, a plant, and this issue contains all you need to know in order to stay outside the law. B-Lumen details how to plan your guerilla grow, an outlaws best friend, and Mike Ricaron examines the Growbot, the best in mobile grow units for the man on the move.

Finally, another aspect that unites both activist and outlaw are revolutionary ideas and nobody preaches change like the Rev, who continues to convert growers to the TLO method. Terpene Fiend from the Village Green Society demonstrates how the Revs teachings have been applied to a large scale grow with amazing results.

If youre a MILF hunter, youre in for a real treat as weve hounded breeders big and small, from every part of the world in order to get them to pick their favorite strain. It might sound simple but it was like asking them to choose a favorite child. No easy task but here they are..

Read Skunk for the complete article!

Excerpt from:
Prohibitions Deadly Foe & My Dear Friend

words: Mamakind

I MET DANA LARSEN during the summer of 2000, when I won a contest and was brought out to the Sunshine Coast of B.C. to attend a lavish ganja-fueled party at Marc Emerys house. As Editor-in-chief of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Dana was one of the few pot celebrities I could name. He first swept me off my feet with his encyclopedic knowledge of cannabis and its prohibition. Then it was the joy he so obviously took in celebrating hemp and marijuanas use. Dana relishes in everything that makes up both small and big C cannabis culture and over the years and as a writer myself, Ive tried to take a page from his holistic approach to pot journalism and life in general.


Like me, Dana was a late bloomer when it came marijuana, not really getting high until he was eighteen. I first toked with my older brothers at a Pink Floyd concert. But I dont think I really got high. That was a few months later with some of my more experienced friends. At that time I had already tried alcohol and cigarettes, but I didnt really enjoy those. When I first tried marijuana I really enjoyed the experience and knew this was something Id be doing again.
By the time Dana was an English student at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C, he felt the strong desire to make the world a better place. At the time, in the late 1980s, cannabis activism in Canada was at a low point. The more I learned about the issues around cannabis and drug policy, the more I realized this was one of the most important things I could do with my life. It was also a good way to meet other people and make friends on campus.
I founded a student club called the League for Ethical Action on Drugs [LEAD]. Most student societies offer funding for any club that signs up a dozen or so students. So for the four years I was on campus we were able to hold regular events, host guest speakers, have pizza parties and make alliances with like-minded professors. I also used our photocopying budget to make up hundreds of posters and flyers that we would use to promote some of the early rallies and protests being held in downtown Vancouver.
University campuses are excellent breeding grounds for activism and Dana is encouraged by the substantial work being done by student organizations these days, with strong national organizations like CSSDP [Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy & SSDP its American counterpart] building alliances between students across the country.

Fate had it that Larsen graduated from SFU the same year a notorious bookseller from Ontario moved out to Vancouver and opened an emporium for all things cannabis called Hemp BC. I had been helping to put on rallies and print out educational flyers at the time and Marc printed one of my articles in his newsletter. Soon I was working as Editor and the newsletter had become a national magazine called Cannabis Canada. That was my main project for the next ten years, although I also worked closely with Marc on many other projects over that time.
Larsen once told me that when he first got into the cannabis scene, his mom thought marijuana was a white powder. His marriage of sorts to the cannabis legalization movement and Cannabis Culture magazine mustve challenged their relationship, but Dana says it isnt so, My parents have always been very supportive of me and my work. There was a learning curve for them, as they have no personal experience with cannabis at all. But like anyone else who learns about these issues, theyve come to fully support the repeal of marijuana prohibition. My parents are proud of all their kids.

Read the rest and more in SKUNK volume 7, issue 2

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